If CommunityWaitakere Charitable Trust Ran The World, they would

empower community organisations to gain sustainable funding by developing a social enterpise incubator in Waitakere 3


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    Hi Kaben, wonderful to hear from you. I personally haven't heard of GSBI but I'm passing your message on to our social entrepreneurship expects here who may well have - we'd love to be say hi to their admin if that was possibile. Thanks so much! You can email me at tim@ifwerantheworld.com

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    Have you guys heard of Santa Clara University's "Global Social Benefit Incubator"? It is incredibly successful and wholly focused on social entrepreneurship. I can connect you to the administration of the program if you'd like.

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    Welcome to IfWeRanTheWorld - we're thrilled to have you join us! Very much looking forward to meeting everyone in a month's time.