If Giovanna Mingarelli Ran The World, she would

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    okay, this is great!! over 15 years ago i started a webpage on molten mag/lava mind called 'ifirantheworld' where folks were invited to put in short ideas on what they would do if they ran the world... whimsical impulsive ideas that everyone usually blurts out then says ...but it'll never happen And then i put in the first one which was "ifirantheworld i would double all seats in congress, and where there is a man sitting i would put a woman next to him, and where there is a woman sitting i would put a man next to her... it would be a start!
    and then i find this site tonite and make it my first actionplatform... and THEN i come over here and find your stuff!!! ha ha ha ha what a great day for me! so i am very tired but i would love to help in your equal representation thing. should i erase mine?