If oonie chase Ran The World, she would

design a magically delicious t-shirt for IfWeRanTheWorld. 7


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    methinks male/female would be best (liking, as we do, our figures). thanks!

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    I've got a basic design that i'd like to share. Are there any limitations on the type of t-shirt it is to be on? Do you want it unisex or male/female??

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    would that i were that petite, girlfriend. but ok, say that i AM Lucky. where is your design? huh? HUH? where? you want that pot of gold or what...? MWAH!

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    I think Lucky the leprechaun is secretly behind these "magically delicious" t-shirts haha

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    hey m!

    you can pick up the source files here: http://drop.io/iwrtwLogo and from there get the exact pink.

    so excited to see what you come up with! don't forget the requirements:

    1. Must feature logo
    2. Must allow someone to personalize their 'If I ran the world I would...' statement
    3. Must include our URL,
    4. Must make wearer look sexy as hell
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    what is the exact pink. pink and black are a decent combination

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    the image in the background was taken by a heart-stoppingly talented photographer, who kindly allows his work to be used under a creative commons license.

    to see more of his work: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaellery/

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