If Paull Young Ran The World, they would

make sure everyone had access to clean and safe drinking water 3


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    Paull! What's up brotha. Invite people to act on the microaction: 'create a page...' This is a simple, easy, and effective way to crowd source people to charity:water, and simultaneously accomplish your goal. Think small, and create actions that people will have no reason NOT to complete. It's these small steps by many people that leads to awesome action! Holler at me if you need any help creating microactions or navigating through the site :) joe@ifwerantheworld.com

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    I love the work that charity:water does! I've been a fan for a while! The project I am working on is developing a vehicle that allows university students to get academic credit for doing projects with non-profits like charity:water. I'd love to have a discussion with you about 1) your technical needs (I work at the University of the Pacific in the School of Engineering and Computer Science), 2) possible funding sources for students (I know charity:water gives grants...), 3) timeline constraints, and 4) follow-up & knowledge transfer provided though the charity:water model.


    p: 530.966.3980 e: kkramer1@pacific.edu