If Giovanna Mingarelli Ran The World, she would

write a short story about Cygnus x-1 | make science accessible to everyone. 7


Get in on this action!

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    Thanks - Its lots of fun using iwrtw to plan it :)

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    I'm speechless :) And can't wait to read it!

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    Then I must consider your grandmother to be both fantastic and wise. :) Thanks for the post and the props on the news page!! :)

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    Kaben - thanks for opening it up. I will keep you informed re: interactions surrounding the facts :)

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    Giovanna, I've opened a recurring microaction for talking to 10 friends about water! :) Thanks for the reminder...!

    I'd be really interested to hear your feedback as you go through the process - surprising facts, unique conversations, agreement/opposition, etc...


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    I could post excerpts on IWRTW - great idea!! The plot will remain a mystery until I start posting!!

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    I love this!! Will you be posting chapters/excerpts as you write it???

    What is the plot? Is it poetry? Drama? Action? Romance?

    How fun! :)