If makelovepossible now Ran The World, they would

fly to reach a special person through Europe. It could be the last chance in our lives, but money is an issue... 2


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    hi Cindy, thanks for your comment, I love the idea behind this website so I said why not trying? It's all about wishes, adventure, unique fragments of life that could never come back again... 2 persons that met long time ago online, two different continents, two very different lives, but now in the same continent for a limited time, with me now trying to follow her in her trip across Europe... as much as possible, as long as possible, to make this time as special as possible... I feel we're special and it's worth going through this, but it's a bit like in the old neo-realist italian movies.... very little or no money to fulfill your dreams, and sometimes fantasy is not enough....I feel bad in saying that but for the first time in my life I'm thinking, fuck, yeah, money can buy happiness...Until now I took car rides to reach her, and stuff like this, but now I can only reach her using planes and even low cost companies are very expensive when booked just a few days in advance... and so we're missing each other...and that's why I've thought... if I ran the world, I'd love to make love possible... Thanks for reading this :)

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    I'm intrigued by this. Tell me more?