If Mélanie Généreux Ran The World, it would

enjoy the summer & play with project codename hermitage two-poinno <3 3


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    Sure thing, as soon as i have some big news to showcase.

    In the meantime, another great feature i'd love to see (you'll either get the website to screen my messages directly into the idea/suggestion box, ban me or hire me cough huhu :D) is the ability to challenge people within this website to act on my microactions. I know inviting my network help promote this site, but it'd be easier (and useful to keep the folks who haven't logged in since 2010) to get people involved and acting.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Melanie - thrilled you're on here! Do email microactions to people in your network who are perfectly placed to do them :)

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    OMG, this is fun. (It's between a great 2.0 social website and a MMO, me likes.) <3

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