If hooded hippy Ran The World, she would

plant indigenous plants on wasteland 3


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    heya, hooded hippy (that nickname is amazing, for many many reasons) check out my actionplatform -- so far my hardest time is to make sense of the differences between "create, produce, support, organize & fund"

    i am slowly defining what they mean to me, and my actionplatform, as i go.

    i'm also trying to make the whole thing more like a game, so challenging people to upload photos is a tricky way to make the actionplatform more visual, more fun and keep people motivated and accountable. you know, taking a photo is an extra 5sec once you've done the action but it's huge because i get to see it across the globe.  <3

    keep updating your actionplatform, i totally want to make seed bombs next time i go to a city :D

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    that is awesome!! I gotta take a picture of my next bunch and upload it :) Cheers for joining - i'm pretty new to the whole action platform thing, so feel free to share advice and ideas :D

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    cool actionplatform! check out mine when you have 5 <3

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