If Mélanie Généreux Ran The World, it would

be adopted by a Thai Ridgeback. 1


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    Hi Melanie, I tried emailing you and it didn't go through. My name is Aerielle Di Piazza, I have been connected to you by Cindy Gallop and she told me to touch base with you to better ignite/discuss the IWRTW site. I currently have 3 action platforms I'm pretty passionate about and from what I've seen and heard, I understand you do as well. Most recently I spoke to Cindy and asked her how she felt we could better promote the site because I'd love to have more "superheros" on board with things, and thats when she suggested you and I touch base to see how we could take things forward. Feel free to send me an email at AerielleD@gmail.com and/ or connect with me on the site ifwerantheworld.com/superhero/aerielledipiazza

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope we could collaborate some how!


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