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write a short piece about the interesting ideas you are exploring in your work on the iwrtw code

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    Confusionability I don't understand how people become "my tribe", is it because i sent them a message/note? is it because i am messaging on their actionplatforms? is it because i took on and/or completed microactions for them? is it because i created a microaction on their actionplatforms?

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    I can't type properly and have line returns in my comments.


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    Action Verbs I wish i had a clearer understanding of the 5 action verbs. While "fund" is clear, "create" and "produce" are very similar to me.. "supporting" can be anything and "organizing" can vary from cleaning my bedroom to creating & promoting an event.

    I am slowly trying to define what those verbs mean to ME, on my actionplatform.. but if there are clear definitions, i haven't seen/found them on the website.. and if those 5 words are crystal clear to everyone but me.. then let's blame my French brain?

    -- Accountability It would be fabulous if when clicking on "yep - all done!" the website prompted users to showcase their work, either by writing about what they did/read or showing a photo of what they did. Say one of my microaction is to plant a tree, i invited people to post a photo of the tree. Now it's taking me more time to update my microaction, but trust me, that actionplatform archive will be PRETTY.

    Fun I love the idea/concept of fuelling up your superpowers in the 5 verbs above, but it would be much more meaningful to me if they weren't represented by a percentage. I am a creative being, i wanna giggle and be excited to click "yep - all done!" i want more than a loading bar.

    Future Can you please please make an iPhone/Android app so i can update my actionplatform on the go? And i'd push it even further, that app MUST allow users to take & share photo evidence.. and in the future maybe video and audio recordings -- we'll make your servers crash again evil evil me

    Imagine, you're taking the bus and invite/promoting IfWeRanTheWorld to another bus user (what, don't everyone talk to others in public transportation? oh.. oops) and BAM! you have completed a microaction but.. oh no, you gotta wait for the next time you're on the computer.. NO NO, you have the iPhone/Android app, you can SHOW how cool it is to that new person you're desperately trying to enroll. <3

    BUGS I am using Google Chrome on a Mac and i am very irritated that the top 3 buttons are gigantic but i still have to click on the text in order to "click a link"

    Why .. whyyyyyy

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    okay... on it soon :)