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? is doing this: NEW COMPANY! NEW GROUP!

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  • 06.18.2010
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  • just now in Tokyo Japan

LETS BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER, Im an industrial design, for all those people who live in japan and are designer or just like to DIY, ok hear me out let make a design group , lets comunicate and build something together, I made a new company and Im looking for creative people who wants to start something new and who want to have fun! NO college degree needed just a strong portfolio and a good personality!

  • due date 06.18.2010
  • location Tokyo Japan

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    Hi there, I'm an industrial design student and I understand what is needed to created a good design like Muji. I'm in Toronto though and I'm not sure if you're still interested.

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    I made this company for those who want a space to relax, to have their own voice, and to have fun. If you dont have a job, or simply want to start something new contact me .